Approach and Philosophy

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I use psychodynamic, integrative and transpersonal (Spiritual) techniques with my clients. I also use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) whenever it is appropriate. I often use mindfulness in my approach and I also keep in mind the wider philosophical approach of Advaita. Within my Spiritual techniques I use concepts of living in the present moment, stilling the mind, meditation and using the mind as a tool not as an identity. My approach has been developed through my 45 year journey of self discovery, where I have studied practical philosophy and sought answers within. I run many groups based around the subjects of “The Present Moment,”  “Still Mind” and “Being

My Specialisms

Areas of counselling and psychotherapy I am particularly experienced with include:


Stress, Grief and Anxiety
Panic attacks and OCD
Depression and feeling sad and low
Family concerns
Couples and Relationship issues
Identity issues
Addiction or eating disorders
Bereavement and loss

Therapy sessions are a place to take some time-out, to explore your thoughts and feelings and to get back your peace of mind again.

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