Anxiety Counselling & Therapy

Anxiety is often a healthy emotion, but there are times where a person may feel high levels of anxiety on a regular basis, this could be a medical disorder. Anxiety disorders lead to ongoing and excessive fear, apprehension, nervousness and worry. Anxiety impacts eight in one hundred people in the United Kingdom ranging from mild anxiety to severe cases, which negatively impact your day to day life.

Do You Need an Anxiety Therapist?

Are you wondering if you need an anxiety therapist? You need anxiety counselling when you face harming yourself or worrying riggers that are not normal

Anxiety duration can often be out of proportion to triggers. Physical symptoms including increase in blood pressure and even nausea, may be experienced. If you find your anxiety is resulting in you having ongoing and recurring worrying thoughts and concerns, then this is the time to seek professional anxiety therapy in UK.

Do You Have Any of These Symptoms?

If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, then you may want to give me a call, an anxiety therapist with over seventeen years of experience as a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor. The symptoms you may experience with anxiety includes:

Feeling of being on edge and restless
Increased irritability
Uncontrolled worry
Problems concentrating
Problems sleeping

As a BACP accredited professional, I provide cognitive behavioural therapy, including the use of mindfulness to help you achieve the best end results with anxiety counselling you can trust. Call me today and see how I can help you.

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